meditation woman Daily Meditations!

by James Allen

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Daily Meditations by James Allen is one of the original Manifesting Classics. Get your free copy below and Get Daily Inspiration! You'll learn how to:

* Gain Wisdom from Every Mistake You Make (Jan 9th)

* Achieve the Permanent Happiness You Desire (Feb 1st)

* Exert Free Will and Choose Your Own Destiny (Mar 6th)

* Perfect a New Vision and a New Consciousness (Apr 7th)

* Cultivate Your Holographic Time Presence (May 23rd)

* Create Powerfully in Your Inner World First (June 5th)

* Understand the Hearts and Minds of Others (July 24th)

* Embrace Your Inner Calmness Even in Trials (Aug 6th)

* Eliminate Your Bad and Weakening Habits (Sep 9th)

* Manifest in Your Divine Strength Today (Oct 23rd)

* Forgive More Easily and End the Conflict (Nov 20th)

* Stop Being Offended by What Others Do (Dec 6th)

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